Making your FTTx network planning smart, fast and easy with substantial benefits for you:

  • Smart designs save significant costs in your deployments.
  • Fast designing saves you a lot of design time.
  • Easy designing ensures the quality of your plans also after field survey.


Reduction in Design time


Reduction in deployment costs

Million Homes Planned

Strategic Planning

FiberPlanIT assists telecom operators with their FTTx Strategic Planning. The software provides accurate calculations of deployment costs and compares attractiveness of different regions as well as various FTTx technologies (P2P vs PON, splitter locations, underground vs aerial, …).

Network Design

FiberPlanIT assists engineers that design FTTH (FTTx) networks. FiberPlanIT saves time, saves on deployment costs and is really easy to use. There is no room for human errors, and the whole team delivers uniform results.


Some organizations need more than just FTTx Planning & Design. Therefore we offer integrations for the leading GIS Physical Network Inventory tools enabling a streamlined process for all stages of your FTTx project.

The FiberPlanIT Promise

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the value of FiberPlanIT?

The value of FiberPlanIT is directly related to the number of buildings that you need to plan or design:

  • FiberPlanIT saves on your cost per home passed.
  • FiberPlanIT saves on your design time per building.

The ROI of the software is then easy to calculate: depending on your local deployment costs and local labour rates, you can calculate what FiberPlanIT could save for your organization.

  • For small designs, we offer an “Area-License” solution: you pay per unique building that you design. (Multi-dwelling units are 1 building). An “Area-License” is a one-time fee with no recurring costs. If desired, you can purchase additional support/assistance. And if you have a new area to design, you can purchase an additional Area-License.
  • For larger design teams, we offer a “Seat-Licenses” solution. Typically, this licensing solution is the preferred option if you need to design more than 100k buildings with a larger design team.

Contact us, describe your project, and you will receive personal price quote.

What kind of clients do you work with?
  • Equipment vendors like TE Connectivity, Ericsson, Nexans, …
    FiberPlanIT Customers

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  • Telecom operators like Sky, Belgacom, Telus, …
  • Engineering companies like LCC,, …
  • Consultancy service providers like Ernst&Young, Broadway Partners, …

and everyone who has challenges with planning and design of their telecom network.

FiberPlanIT has users from Canada up to New Zealand and everywhere in between.

How does FiberPlanIT work?

FiberPlanIT is a software that uses GIS data like building locations and street center lines, to design an FTTx network according to your design specifications. The software runs locally on your computer so you have full control over the results.

Do we offer FTTx planning and design services?

With years of experience in planning telecom networks, we offer software and consultancy services. Typically, we offer assistance for the following topics

  • Preparation of your strategic business case: what are the costs and revenues of FTTH in your area?
  • Review of your design specifications: what are the best specifications on your area?
  • Specific FTTx projects like FTTA, FTTC, Smart Metering, Broadband over Power Line, …

Demonstration or price quote?

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